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  • Be Healthy. Be Bold. #BeNosy.

    Take control of the air that your breathe

  • Everyday we breathe 20,000 litres of air

    Shouldn't we have a choice in what we put into our bodies?

  • Fashionable and Sustainable

    Nosy is reusable and biodegradable so while you protect yourself you are also protecting the planet

  • Clean Air Anywhere

    No matter where you are, Nosy has got your back (or Nose!)

The Nosys

The Onyx

With a soft matte black finish, the Onyx will complement any outfit. This design is for cosmopolitan individuals who dare bold to be with style.

The Matilda

Matilda's rose gold metallic finish will flatter you in any light. With a soft pink hue and reflective properties, Matilda adds a contemporary twist to any look.

The Blanche

The Blanche oozes sophistication. Blanche's matte white finish accentuates Nosy's geometrical shape, making it a fashion statement in its own right. 

A Striking Design

For the modern individual

Take Care of Your Health

While Nosy takes care of you