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A sustainable solution to face masks based on cutting edge technology by former Dyson engineers.

    • 3

      Year Reduction Life

      Expectancy Due to air pollution related illnesses in europe

    • 1

      Out of 9 deaths

      worldwide are caused by air pollution

    • 124

      extra heart attacks

      reported on high pollution days in the UK

    • 85%

      Air Leakage

      Face mask have air leakage of up to 85%

    • 92%

      N95 Respirators Failed

      N95 respirators failed 92% of 1500 face-fit tests

    • 45-53%

      COVID-19 Aerosol Infected

      Covid-19 aerosols infect 45-53% of those exposed indoors

    • 20% increase in risk of dementia

    • 14% of all lung cancer deaths attributed to air pollution, second only to smoking

    • 36,000 cardiac death cases in the UK associated with air pollution exposure

Nosy is a wearable technology designed by former Dyson engineers. Our filters are a combination of HEPA, Activated Carbon and Silver Ions that hep you breathe purified air.

Think of Nosy as the nose version of sunglasses or you own portable air filter.

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Every component of Nosy from the seal to the nasal dilator and filters has been crafted to maximise comfort while optimising your own body's protection against pollution and viruses. 

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