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Nosy for Air Pollution and Allergies

With true HEPA and Activated Carbon filters you can wear our powerful device to protect yourself from PM2.5, NO2, VOCs, Hay-fever, Dust Mites and Odours. When over 90% of the air you breathe is inhaled through your nose, why suffer with the discomfort and air leakage problems of full coverage masks?

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NosyX for Viral Protection

Combine Nosy with our viral repellent face covering to protect yourself and others from Covid-19 and other respiratory viruses. Our airtight nose seal prevents the inhalation of airborne particles, while our viral repellent mouth coverage is treated with silver ions to kill viruses upon touch.

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The Nosys

The Onyx

With a soft matte black finish, the Onyx will complement any outfit. This design is for cosmopolitan individuals who dare to be bold with style.

The Matilda

Matilda's rose gold metallic finish will flatter you in any light. With a soft pink hue and reflective properties, Matilda adds a contemporary twist to any look.

The Blanche

The Blanche oozes sophistication. Blanche's matte white finish accentuates Nosy's geometrical shape, making it a fashion statement in its own right. 

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