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As seen on Dragons' Den and TV Tokyo Toterama. NosyX destroys 99.997% of viruses and filters 99.97% of pollutants and allergens

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    • 1

      Out of 9 deaths

      worldwide are caused by air pollution

    • 3

      Year reduction in life expectancy

      Due to air pollution related illnesses in Europe

    • 124

      extra heart attacks

      reported on high pollution days in the UK

    • 85%

      Air leakage

      Standard face masks have air leakage of up to 85%

    • 92%

      N95 respirators don't fit

      N95 grade respirators failed 1380 of 1500 face-fit tests

    • 45-53%

      Covid-19 indoor infection rate

      infection rate of people exposed to Covid-19 indoors 45-53%

    • 20% increase in risk of dementia

    • 14% of all lung cancer deaths attributed to air pollution, second only to smoking

    • 36,000 cardiac death cases in the UK associated with air pollution exposure

Think of Nosy as your own portable air-purifier - it protects your heart and lungs, just as sunglasses protect your eyes. Nosy is ergonomically designed, wearable technology that fits neatly over your nose. With an integral airflow system developed by former Dyson engineers, only clean air will pass through the HEPA, activated carbon and silver ion filters. 

Meet Nosy

Every Nosy component has been pioneered for your comfort, to protect you from pollution, viruses and bacteria: Airflow system - engineered with triple-action filters to only let clean air in. Nasal Dilator - designed for comfort and to actively improve airflow. Seal - medical-grade silicone that prevents air leakage and works with your breathing.

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  • Nosy is wearable tech to fend of air pollution

    The Stylist Magazine
  • I live with a facial difference and can only breathe from one nostril. I wore Nosy for 4.5 hours without break and honestly forgot I was even wearing it and I felt much calmer in my breath than with a traditional surgical mask. I think it’s important to share that I am an avid makeup wearer and again wearing a mask just doesn’t work for my aesthetic, Nosy didn’t even leave a mark when I removed it, winner! I can’t wait to see this on the mass market!

    Matilda Lansdown
  • Easier to breathe than masks and doesn't fog up when wearing glasses

  • I was a little unsure how I would feel wearing Nosy... However, it fit comfortably over my septum piercing and the nasal dilator seriously increased airflow. As someone who works in hospitality, I have really struggled to breathe with cloth masks and N95’s are the worst for fogging up my glasses. Nosy eliminated these issues! Truly satisfied and impressed.

    Shawnee Harkness
  • Nosy symbolises the future of fashion. Fashion that is functional to solve everyday problems

    Fashion Week Brooklyn
  • Wearing Nosy allows me to breath with the same clarity as I do without a mask, although with the added assurance that I’m free of harmful particles when venturing out. The all day comfort also adds to its value.

    Harry Howe
  • Nosy offers a cutting edge solution to a very real everyday problem

    BBC Tech
  • There are many reasons to love Nosy – 1) if you cannot stand second-hand smoke or diesel exhaust pipes and believe this kills you 2) if you’re Korean and have lived in bad air pollution throughout childhood 3) when you first move to UK and lived through a few hayfever seasons and 4) if you’re extra sensitive to smell. I’m all of these things and Nosy has changed my life and reducing my wrinkles, all the while making me look good with top notch design!

    Simone Ishikawa
  • Nosy helps filter out over 90% of the air pollution you breathe

    Tech That Matters