Happy Birthday Nosy! Our 1 year anniversary


About one year ago, give or take, it was when the idea of Nosy came to me... 

 I was stuck in the London tube during rush hour. Just getting through the jam-packed crowd of people in Oxford street station was a mission. I looked at my clock and between walking down the steps and tapping my card was 15 minutes of pushing and pulling where we were all forced to be inches apart from each other and breathe stagnant air with all sorts of nasty air particles in the air. 

When I finally made it to the train we were stuck underneath Marble Arch station. They made us get out of the train and wait for a new one to come some 40 minutes later. During that time, I could see the smoke in the air; I could smell the pollution and I kept on thinking how can I be exposing myself to this on a daily basis?

What is this doing to my health?  

When I got home, I began researching and I couldn't find anything close to a functional alternative.

Face masks where never an option for me because the physics of the product just didn't make sense. Without even having the vocabulary I knew the issues with air leakage. The least bad option I found was these carbon plugs that you could put inside of your nose, but after testing them for a handful of days, I realised that they did not provide enough protection, and a much more robust design was required. 

Napkin Model - Our v0.1


That's when I started to research and Nosy began taking shape in my head. It's first name, or how I would describe it to few close friends only for fear of being ridiculed, was a "Nose Environment."

I spent many nights awake thinking of how to make the engineering of the product work; mainly how to attach it to people's noses, and once I found a solution, it was to making clay models, buying our website, and having the courage to dip into my savings to hire our engineering team in December 2019.


We tested everything!

 Since then our entire lives have changed, and the world where Nosy was first created no longer exists.


I also had an interview with BBC Tech two weeks ago, and we will be featured on Brooklyn Fashion Week this coming October; I'll share both with you when they are out. We are going full steam ahead, and working on all cylinders. Some of it you will not see or hear until I'm able to share the results with you, but trust me - Nosy is getting big!


Be Healthy. Be Bold. Be Nosy.


Carina - Nosy's Creator


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