How can Nosy help with Coronavirus?

After overwhelming requests to create a solution that could also be used for protection against the coronavirus, our team at Nosy decided to tackle the issue.


For us this decision was not taken lightly. We were not going to make just another product that offers limited value at a great sacrifice (we are speaking to you face masks...). What we mean by this is that whilst being able to minimise the spread of fluid and disease to others, face masks are not as effective as they could be at protecting their users from infection. This is due to a number of reasons including:

1. Inability to filter airborne particles due to air leakage.
2. Increased danger of self-contamination by users touching the outside of their masks or continuously adjusting them.
3. Being too uncomfortable to wear appropriately or for prolonged periods of time.

Being fully aware of the problems of face masks (we had been developing an alternative device for air pollution and allergies that fixes them for over a year), we went back to the drawing board to create a solution that would be most appropriate for protection against coronavirus. 


We asked ourselves three questions:


1. What are the main methods of virus transmission for each organ? 


Covid is transmitted via droplets through the mouth and airborne particles through the nose. These different methods of transmission require individual preventative approaches. 


2. How can we provide the most optimum protection for the mouth and for the nose?


The mouth needs to not only be covered with fabric that blocks droplets from entering the body, but also kills any viruses that come into contact with it. With this approach we eliminate the risk of the mask becoming a medium for viral transmission. In regard to nasal protection, an airtight seal is required to stop users inhaling harmful airborne particles.


3. How can we prolong wearability to provide maximum protection? 


Creating a seal at the expense of comfort is not practical. The discomfort of wearing a mask comes from the large skin-to-fabric contact area and the tightness required for airborne protection. We need an alternative that anyone can wear all day long.


Answering these three questions led us to our unique solution to the coronavirus problem: NosyX.


Stay tuned for more updates...


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