Nosy Started with a Question



“If we can have sunglasses to protect us from UV rays and noise cancelling headphones, why are there no wearable devices that can do the same for air?”



According to research by Berkeley Earth, every 15-20 minutes spent in the London tube is equivalent to smoking a cigarette. While walking around central London adds another 3 cigarettes worth of pollution to your tally. On a daily basis, Londoners may be inhaling upwards of 5-10 cigarettes worth of pollution.

The sad truth is that these numbers are not exclusive to London or Europe. In fact, 92% of cities worldwide fail to meet World Health Organisation air quality standards, and 1 in 9 deaths worldwide are now linked to air pollution. Exposure to air pollution increases the risk of stroke, lung cancer, heart disease, chronic respiratory illnesses, and mortality rate from the Coronavirus. 

Face masks, however, are not a viable solution.They are designed to prevent splashes of fluid that could lead to cross contamination between patient and doctor. Even N95 respirators are not an ideal solution. In order for them to effectively filter air, they need to be worn extremely tightly, which makes correct usage utterly uncomfortable.



Protection against air pollution needed an upgrade. 



And this is where Nosy started. For Nosy to be a truly revolutionary device, it had to be seamlessly compatible with our lifestyles. The Nosy team set out on a mission to create an anti-air pollution gadget that embodies the five elements of effectiveness, fashion, comfort, sustainability, and convenience.

We made the radical decision to exclude the mouth from filtration coverage. Health experts agree that breathing only through the nose is key to overall breathing health. The nose is the only organ in our bodies designed to filter and humidify air, and exclusively nose breathing leads to better sleep, more efficient exercise, and decrease in stress and anxiety. While you may only be able to wear a face mask for your commute, you can wear Nosy all day long without ever compromising on what  you do. 

After partnering with a star team of former Dyson engineers at Aetha Designs, we are proud to say that we have created the Nosy, which embodies an entirely new approach to breathing health. Nosy represents the future of anti-pollution wearables, and we believe it can help improve the health of millions.

Nosy's mission doesn't stop there. We don't just want clean air for ourselves but also for the planet. By wearing Nosy and raising awareness to air pollution we are all figuratively and physically bringing the issue of air pollution to people's faces.

We welcome you to join us in our mission to create a healthier planet for everyone!



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