NosyX has arrived!!

Nosy was originally created with pollutant protection; with additional global concern of virus infection it was essential we altered our thinking to suit these needs. I made the executive decision to go back to the drawing board. We wanted to create something that is the best for you - now - not what made sense a year ago. 

This decision had a number of implications, it meant costs were exponentially higher (everything from more design days to a substantially more complex product to be delivered), and as expected a delay to manufacturing. 


NosyX combines an air tight nose seal with an antiviral mouth coverage treated with silver and vesicle technology to protect you in the most effective way for each pathway of contamination.

Our HEPA and Activated Carbon nose filters filter out 99.97% of airborne particles that are 0.3 microns or higher such as exhaust fumes, dust, pollen, and PM2.5. While our silver coating can protect you from airborne viruses. 

Our antiviral mouth coverings have been treated with a patent-pending technology that kills 99.997% of viruses that come in contact with the cloth, therefore limiting the spread of infection.

This textile technology has been tested by the Doherty Institute in Australia; the first to recreate covid-19 in a lab. 





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