Nosy on Dragons' Den - A Message From Our Founder

8 months ago, I did the scariest thing I have ever done in my life. Petrified, scared sh**less, doesn’t even begin to encompass what I felt when I walked into the room, for a show that is a British institution, to share with the world an invention that should have existed for the last 20 years but that I have been the first to dare to try.

The prospect of being ridiculed on public forums could have been the death of my company and the memes that will ensue from tonight will definitely make internet history, but I just had to try. You see, I created Nosy not because I want to be rich (although that would be nice) but because every day I did not have a choice about the air that I was breathing.

I don’t care if you are pro-mask or anti-mask. The fact of the matter is, unlike food or water you simply don’t have a choice to the air that you breathe. Every day we unwillingly inhale upwards of 10,000 litres of air full of toxins, pollutants, viruses, bacteria, and other allergy causing irritants without effective means of protecting ourselves.

Face masks that exist today have been designed to protect others. It is simply impossible to create a tight seal around a person’s face — which is necessary to actually filter air. What’s more, the pocket of air that sits inside of typical masks increases the drag and makes it impossible to breathe comfortably. With healthy adults breathing over 90% of the time through their nose, it made no sense to me why we couldn’t just have a wearable air filter — like we have sunglasses and headphones. The same choice that I have to dim light or to control noise, I wanted to have with the air that I breathe.

So, you see the essence of Nosy is not about covid-19 or even air pollution. It is about choice. About empowering people to choose what they let into their bodies.

If you think it is stupid and you care more about how it looks more than what you breathe, that is totally fine. That is your choice. But I want you to have that choice.

This is not to say that clean air is not my top priority. It is certainly my hope that by creating this product we are raising awareness about air pollution. Something that shortens our life spam by 2-4 years and kills more people every year than war, malaria, HIV and even covid-19 combined.

With governments around the world failing us, it is time to take the matter into our own hands.  By protecting ourselves and increasing awareness to global issues, we can help protect our planet.

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