The Truth About Face Masks


Wearing a regular old face mask to protect yourself from pollution? 

Not going to work, our highly intelligent but misled good friend. 

Face masks were designed in the 1700’s to protect doctors from gross stuff splashing in their face. It’s true. Face masks were not designed to protect you and your fancy little lungs from pollution. 

But NOSY was designed for that exact reason. 

NOSY offers protection - real protection - against pollution, so you can breathe normally, thanks to NOSY - without all of the chemicals and smog infiltrating your system. 

Think wearing that silly little face mask will do the same? Sorry. Not going to happen. 

Air travels through the path of least resistance. Traditional face masks not only don’t fully block air, but they also have tiny little holes that let in air. Plus, the sides of the mask are open...sometimes wide open. 

What does all that mean? You’re still getting the same gross air. Plus, now it’s trapped within the confines of the mask you’re you keep breathing it in and out through your mouth and nose. 

Trapped, stale, dirty air? No thanks. 

You’re better than wearing a cute little blanket on your face that does absolutely nothing.

NOSY does what you need it to do. 

NOSY is a fashionable, effective and sustainable alternative to face masks. 

NOSY covers your nose...completely and comfortably. 

No more polluted air in means you can worry less about going out. 

Did you know daily air pollution can be equally as bad for you as smoking cigarettes? Daily exposure to the elements in London is equal to smoking 155 cigarettes. 

Bigger cities? Even worse. 

Face masks are not the answer to better breathing. NOSY is. 

When you’re outside, walking around, you’re mainly breathing through your nose. NOSY makes it possible to be outside without it feeling like you’re ripped down a pack of cigs on your walk to work. 

Not only will your body thank you, you’ll feel better knowing that you’re doing the right thing, not just wearing a tiny little hole filled mask that accomplishes nothing but make you look like a surgeon who wandered out of the hospital and for some reason now you’re walking around the streets. 

Be NOSY. Be smart. 

With pollution becoming more of an issue in every country, it’s time to breathe intelligently. 

Block the pollution. Be NOSY. 

If it’s air pollution you’re trying to avoid, NOSY is the answer. 

The face masks? Yeah, they’d be cool if you happened to time travel back to the 1700’s and needed to do a quick little surgery. 

Blocking air pollution? Leave that job to NOSY.


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