Who are our partners

 Along this journey we have found a number of partners:



We have had two strategic angel investors officially join Nosy this week. They each add significant value to Nosy not just because of their network, but expertise in PR and hardware distribution. Their investment is giving us room to breathe (no pun intended), and allowing us to restart our marketing engine in advance of Nosy being available for purchase in the end of the year.



CHC Product Development is our manufacturer who are based in the Netherlands with factories in China. They are financing all of the tooling and the first batch of Nosys. Initially I was hesitant to go into production so early on in China simply because it would be too much for us to handle a supply chain abroad as we were launching a brand in Europe and the US, but CHC is joining us for the long-haul and taking care of all of our supply chain needs. They have over 20 years of experience producing medical devices and the team is just great to work with!



We now have a world renowned partner lab in Switzerland who are helping us apply their textile technology to our filters and mouth coverings. Once the testing process is finalised I'll share more details about them with you. I'm personally still humbled that they decided to work with us as some of their clients include Speedo and Adidas.




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