Air Pollution and Its Harmful Effects on Human Health

Nov 30 2020

What is one thing everyone, without exception, does the most? You might think of tasks to do or errands to run, but t...

Be Nosy & Be Creative #giveaway

Nov 22 2020

Lockdown left you feeling lifeless? There's a Nosy for that ;-) We thought it would be a good idea to keep you busy d...

Nosy Newsletter: November Edition

Nov 09 2020

Hello Nosy CommunityWe hope you are staying healthy!We have been working tirelessly over the past few months to ensur...

Fashion X Technology: Brooklyn Fashion Week

Nov 04 2020

Brooklyn Fashion week is a non-profit foundation which helps to raise awareness for sexual assault victims by hosting...

NosyX has arrived!!

Nov 03 2020

Nosy was originally created with pollutant protection; wi...

Who are our partners

Oct 06 2020

 Along this journey we have found a number of partners:  ...

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