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  • Why does Nosy not cover your Mouth?

    May 06 2020

      The burning question on everyone’s lips! The simple answer is that covering the mouth would decrease Nosy’s effectiveness in providing ...

  • How Did We Start? And What's Our Mission?

    Apr 30 2020

        Nosy was conceived in the London tube in the fall of 2019. But its beginnings date back much further...   Since finishing university...

  • Anti-Pollution Masks vs. Nosy | #BeNosy Kickstarter

    Apr 28 2020

        It is nearly here! We have 1 WEEK TO GO until Nosy launches on Kickstarter. With our launch date so close, we wanted to share with ...

  • The Truth About Face Masks

    Apr 01 2020

    Wearing a regular old face mask to protect yourself from pollution?  Not going to work, our highly intelligent but misled good friend. Fa...