About Nosy

Our Mission

We created Nosy to empower people to take control of the air that they breathe.

We use cutting-edge science and state-of-the art technology to provide effective protection for your respiratory system. We pursue ongoing R and D into apps monitoring personal exposure to air pollution, as well as scientific studies into the long-term effects of pollution and the benefits of wearing Nosy with different health conditions. Above all else, we want air pollution levels to be recognised and acted on by governments, so that we are not forced to solve breathing clean air on an individual basis. Because everyone has the right to breathe well and be healthy.

Our Creator

Carina is the creator of Nosy. She is a behavioural economist and clean-air entrepreneur from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she witnessed the devastating environmental effects of urbanisation and the pollution that it causes. Educated at Columbia University, NYC, and the University of Edinburgh, she began her career in large blue chip corporates (Credit Suisse, Accenture and JPMorgan). After helping to launch the operations of Crimson Education across Europe, Carina felt empowered to use her experience for good - to create a wearable air filter to use when commuting in urban areas and to raise awareness about the dangers of air pollution. So much more is still to come...