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How does Nosy attach to the nose?

Nosy uses a patented lightweight magnetic attachment system that is adjustable to your own nose shape and size. There is a hidden magnet inside Nosy’s shell that attaches to the nasal dilator.

Is the nasal dilator comfortable?

Yes. Many of our users find that the dilator allows them to breathe better with a Nosy with some users comparing wearing a Nosy to breathing in “HD”. Nosy’s dilator is very similar to dilators used for sleep apnea and snoring helping you increase air flow through your nose. It is made of medical grade silicone and optimised for comfort.

How often should I change my Nosy filter?

Clogged filters are ineffective, so we made Nosy filters easy to replace. Each filter lasts a minimum of 50 hours, but we recommend that you change them on a weekly or bi-weekly basis depending on how often you use it. The cleaner the filter, the cleaner your air.

How much does Nosy weigh?

The small size weighs 11 grams with filters while the large size weighs 15 grams.

Can I breathe “normally” when I wear Nosy?

Yes! In fact many people feel that they breathe better using Nosy because of the nasal dilator, HEPA and carbon filters. Unlike conventional masks, that cover both the nose and the mouth, Nosy separates them. So you won’t be inhaling humid and moist trapped air.

Can I wear Nosy when exercising?

Yes. Nosy has a magnetic attachment system. This keeps Nosy and the nasal dilator in place, which helps increase airflow to your lungs. Many of our users prefer exercising with Nosy to wearing a conventional face mask, as it’s much easier to breathe.

Can I wear Nosy when exercising?

Yes. Nosy has a magnetic attachment system. This keeps the Nosy and the nasal dilator in place, which helps increase airflow to your lungs. Many of our users prefer exercising with Nosy to wearing a conventional face mask, as it’s much easier to breathe.

I suffer from hayfever - will Nosy help me?

Yes - wearing a Nosy is like walking around with your own personal air purifier. The HEPA filter traps dust, pollen and all allergens that you otherwise would have been inhaling.

I’m asthmatic - will Nosy help me?

Yes - Nosy will decrease the amount of pollution and microbes that you would be breathing normally.

Can I wear Nosy if I have a cold?

We recommend you avoid wearing Nosy if you have a cold, as mucus discharge can contaminate the filter.

I have a cleft palate or a deviated septum - can I wear Nosy?

Yes! Nosy’s nasal dilator helps expand your nostrils, increasing air flow to your lungs. Many of our users, who ordinarily have difficulties breathing through their nose, find that it is easier to breathe when wearing Nosy.

I have a big nose - will a Nosy fit?

Nosy’s “large” size has been designed to fit “medium” to “large” noses. If you have a long nose, Nosy will stretch to accommodate it. If your nose is wider than 5cm Nosy may not fit

Can I wear Nosy with a piercing?

Yes - Nosy works even with septum piercings. Nosy’s shell is made of a stretchy material that will accommodate the shape of the piercing.

Are there filters in the Mouth Covering too?

No. Nosy is designed to promote breathing through your nose and increase airflow to your lungs. The Mouth Covering is there to protect others from your germs. It will also protect you from cross contamination of water and viral droplets and prevent you from touching your mouth.

What’s in the antiviral coating on the filters and Mouth Covering? Is it toxic?

No, the antiviral coating is not toxic and does not cause any harm. It is a silver treatment undertaken by a leading textile lab in Switzerland, that follows strict safety guidelines.

How often should I wash my Nosy?

You should wash Nosy regularly, with the same soap you use to wash yourself and luke warm water. Towel dry and ensure there is no soap left behind. Please note that the filters are not washable and should be replaced regularly. Please remove the filter and nasal dilator before cleaning the product.

How often should I wash the Mouth Covering?

This depends on usage, but you can wash it as often as you like. Please note, the antiviral properties stay active for up to 30 washes at temperatures below 40 degrees celsius.

How do I recycle Nosy?

Nosy filters are recyclable. You can dispose of them with your standard plastic recycling.

We hope you and your Nosy have a long and happy life together, but when you do finish with it, the Nosy shell can be recycled or repurposed. Please contact us at to advise on the best course of action as we are in the process of setting up a Nosy Recycling and Repurposing scheme.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes! We ship Nosys worldwide.

How long will it take to deliver my NosyX?

Nosy begins shipping on the 17th of May. Shipping will be on a first come first served basis if order is out of stock we will inform you by email when new delivery will be available. All orders will be dispatched within one week. Customers will receive a track and trace number, so you can follow up on delivery details as desired. If your order is temporarily out of stock, we’ll inform you by email and let you know when we can deliver.

Will Brexit affect order deliveries?

No. Nosy has warehouses in the UK and the Netherlands and will be shipping from both locations.

Why do you have a referral program?

Our goal is to promote healthy breathing worldwide. For new brands like us, digital advertising is a big expense. If you can help us by spreading the word about Nosy, we can concentrate our efforts on designing and developing more nosys for our range.

How can I sign up for your referral program?

You can join Nosy’s referral program by following this link: For every friend that purchases a Nosy, you will receive £10 off your own next purchases.

What sustainability initiatives are you involved with?

We have partnered with Greenr to offset the carbon footprint of manufacturing and shipping Nosys. Greenr is a social enterprise that allows us to choose what initiative the donations will go towards, from funding rural solar panels in Africa to replanting trees in Argyll. To learn more about the program you can visit:

What is your returns policy?

Unworn Nosys can be returned for a full refund within 30 days of receiving the product, as long as the product and packaging are not damaged. Used Nosys can be returned within 30 days of receiving the item and will incur a £15 restocking fee. To initiate the return process please contact with your order number. 

Please note that shipping costs are non-refundable.

Do you make Nosys for kids?

The small Nosy size fits kids who are 16+. We are working on a more extensive children’s line that will be released later in the year. 

Can you buy Nosy on it’s own, without the Mouth Covering?

Not at the moment. Due to ongoing Covid-19 regulations, we are only offering the NosyX set, but will sell Nosy on it’s own once restrictions are lifted.

Will you do Nosy in a size “M”?

There is no need. Most people can wear both the small or the large size, the main difference is the tightness of the seal. Nosy’s attachment system and bendable clip allow for a large number of nose shapes and sizes.

When will accessories become available?

We are looking to add to the Nosy range in the coming months. New products will include: more NosyX Mouth Covering styles, Nosy “piercings” and new versions of the nasal dilator, among many other products. Please sign up to our mailing list at the bottom of the page to find out about our new products :)