Our Ethos


Nosy is committed to being an environmentally responsible business. We have considered every aspect of our operations to make sure we are as sustainable as possible. This starts in our office, which is paper free and runs on renewable energy. We try to limit work travel as much as possible, but if we do have to fly anywhere we carbon offset our work flights.

We started working on Nosy’s product design last year. Since the beginning, we have emphasised the importance of sustainability.  This is why both Nosy and NosyX are fully reusable and washable. Our filters are long-lasting, with replacement every week rather than every day. They are also fully biodegradable. The other materials used in the Nosy and mouth coverage are 100% recyclable. We have not yet picked a shipping company to work with, but we will be making sure they are a sustainable choice. And when the time does come to ship our Nosys, they will be arriving in completely plastic-free packaging.

Nosys are manufactured in the UK in a sustainable factory, reducing CO2 emissions associated with shipping from China or other common manufacturing destinations.

Giving Back

The viral repellant mouth coverages for NosyX are handmade in collaboration with Wisma Chesire, a charity in Indonesia. Wisma provides a safe and comfortable home for people with mobility difficulties who would otherwise not have anywhere to live. The residents receive vocational training, including sewing training, after which Wisma helps them find work with external organisations like Nosy. 100% of the money Nosy pays for our custom mouth coverings goes directly to Wisma residents.


Nosy has a comprehensive diversity policy and we strive to achieve diverse representation in our team and with our models.