Our Technology

Breathing is a human necessity and necessity is the mother of inventions.

Face mask design is over 300 years old

This means that what you may be wearing is as fit for purpose as a water bottle with holes.

Rather than update something that has no basis in physics (or biology) we reengineered the face mask to optimise protection in each pathway of contamination.

1. Airtight nose filter

2. Antiviral mouth coverage

+ the added bonus that our attachment system improves your breathing

  • N99 / FFP3 & airtight seal

  • Lab certified effectiveness in destroying 99.997% of viruses and filtering 99.97% of pollution

  • Protects from allergens and improves nasal airflow

  • Ultimate comfort for prolonged use


  • Protection

  • Air Leakage

  • Powered by HEPA Technology

  • Effective against airborne viruses

  • Replaceable filters

  • Lifetime value

  • Colours

  • Sustainable

  • Reusable and washable

  • A show stopper


Designed to work with your breathing by former Dyson engineers

Nosy's seal creates an airtight vacuum when you inhale and allows air to flow when you exhale for maximum comfort and protection.

  • Medical grade silicone

  • Sweat & makeup resistant

  • Contours to all nose shapes and sizes

  • Waterproof

Triple filtration with patented coating that destroys 99.997% of viruses and filter 99.97% of pollution

Our filter intelligently captures bacteria, dust, mold, pollen, allergens, pollutants, pathogens particles so your lungs don't need to.

HEPA Filter
Carbon Filter
Silver Ions
  • HEPA

  • Activated Carbon

  • Antiviral Silver Ions

  • 99.97% effective filtration against pollutants

  • 99.997% effectiveness in destroying viruses

While face masks protect others, Nosy protects everyone

Antiviral coating of our filters and mouth coverage means that you are protected from airborne viruses, viral droplets and cross contamination

  • 99.997% effective in destroying viruses

  • Viral protection powered by HeIQ and tested by the Doherty Institute

  • Mouth coverage coating lasts up to 30 washes

Our patented attachment uses a nasal dilator and magnetic clip for a secure (and sports-ready) fit

Our clip is ultra functional helping Nosy stay in place while increasing airflow through your nose.

The clip is a hit with those who suffer from allergies, deviated septum or have difficulties breathing (some even wear it to sleep).

Adjustable Clip
  • Stays in place even when running!

  • Fit for any nose shape

  • Increases airflow to your lungs

  • Helps with allergies and other breathing problems

Our mouth coverages are functional and not just a piece of cloth

Face masks protect others from viruses by trapping them in your face. That was not good enough for us. That is why we coat our mouth coverages in an antiviral solution to destroy pathogens upon touch.

  • Antiviral coating effective in destroying 99.997% of viruses

  • Lab certified protection against SARS-CoV-2

  • Adjustable design for maximum comfort

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