Your Protection


How do Nosys Work?

Nosy protects you from airborne particles that enter your body through your nasal passageways. Nosy is essentially a nose-mounted, airtight, personal air filter. When you wear your Nosy, a seal is created around your nose by the silicone edging of the Nosy shell. There is a grid at the bottom of the Nosy shell where air can enter and pass through our dual filtration system. This means when you inhale with a Nosy on, you are only breathing in clean, filtered air. 



The Solution to Face Masks

Coronavirus is the biggest crisis of our generation, causing disruption and ill health across the world. NosyX was designed to address our current need for covering both the nose and mouth, while being much more comfortable than a traditional face mask (and allowing you to be protected while still doing the things you love!)


Breathe Clean

Air pollution kills 1 in 9 people every year (WHO). Exposure to PM2.5 and other pollutants is directly linked to heart disease, strokes, lung cancer, diabetes. If you take your health seriously, it’s time to start factoring air pollution into the equation. Nosy’s powerful filter catches nasty fumes from car exhaust, industry, and smoke-producers such as barbeques or wildfires.


A Hayfever-free Summer

Do you love summer weather but hate pollen? Nosy can help with that! Our powerful filter effectively filters out 99.97% of pollen particles, enabling you to breathe easy no matter the season.