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Air-purifying “Nosy” cleans the air that you breathe. Triple-action air filters protect you from: viruses, bacteria, pollution, allergens, pathogens, pollen, hay fever, dust mites, cigarette smoke, toxic fumes and more. With separate antiviral Mouth Covering.

What's included:

- 1 Nosy and 4 filters (lasts up to 200 hours)
- 1 Nosy antiviral mouth coverage with coating lasting up to 30 washes
- 1 Nosy carrying case

Nosy - wearable air purifier for your nose:

- 99.97% filter efficiency capturing particles (0.3 microns+) 
- Antiviral filter coating eliminates 99.97% of viruses, bacteria and germs
- Customisable, lightweight design to accommodate different nose shapes and sizes
- Highly-developed silicone nasal dilator, to maximise airflow
- Robust, "exercise-friendly" magnetic attachment system
- Medical-grade silicone seal to improve air flow - expands and retracts with your breath to restrict unfiltered air
- No more fogging! Nosy fits under your glasses. And over your piercings! :)
- 4x replaceable, recyclable filters - triple filtration engineering using HEPA activated carbon and silver ions
- Please note: each filters lasts 50 hours depending on air quality and how much you use your Nosy. We recommend changing your filter once a week. 

NosyX Mouth Covering - breathable, antiviral mouth covering

- Organic, plain weave cotton poplin
- Antiviral coating eliminates 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and germs
- Washable (<30 washes below 40 degrees celsius)


Small: suited for average female noses or small male noses

Large: suited for average male noses or large female noses


From 17th of May

Products are shipped from our Nosy hubs in the Netherlands and London. Brexit will not affect your order.

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